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Medical Administrative Assistant

This certification prep is designed online to prepare you for the rewarding field healthcare medical administrative assistant.


Americans visited the doctor 1.2 billion times in 2012. That’s a lot of time that we spend at a hospital or clinic and the first person we usually see when we walk in the door is the receptionist–but what does a medical administrative assistant do aside from check you in?

The short answer is that medical admins have A LOT more responsibilities and job duties than you may realize at first glance.  

Role of a medical admin

Medical administrative assistants, or medical secretaries, perform administrative functions for a hospital or clinic through their knowledge of medical terminology and applications. They can work in a variety of roles and locations with job titles ranging from unit secretary or medical office specialist to patient coordinator.

Medical admin job duties

Medical secretaries are responsible for a wide range of administrative tasks to ensure the office they are managing functions smoothly. These tasks can vary by location but typically include:

  • Checking in patients at the front desk
  • Answering the phone
  • Scheduling patients for the proper appointment
  • Interviewing patients for case histories in advance of appointments
  • Compiling medical records and charts
  • Operating computer software and office equipment
  • Transferring lab results to the appropriate clinician
  • Maintaining supplies and appearance for the office

Medical admin work locations

Responsibilities can vary quite a bit depending upon where a medical administrative assistant works. The size of the facility, scope of procedures and geographical location can all play a major part in how duties are divvied out to employees.

What does a medical administrative assistant do in a hospital?

Hospitals are some of the largest types of facilities in which a medical admin can work. With large facilities, roles and responsibilities are more specialized and clearly defined. But this also comes with more opportunities for advancement because there are more people working in the facility.

Depending upon the department, there can be emergencies coming in continuously so hospital employees need to know what their role is and be able to perform quickly.

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Lecture. The Medical Assistant
Lecture. The Medical Office
Lecture. Medical Records
Lecture. U.S. health Care System
Lecture. Medical Billing and Coding
Lecture. Medical Term 1 &2, SIG Medical Billing Terms
Assessment II

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